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Spring Summer with SHU

Although they have been active in creating the best season-bound items since 2012, we have just completed our first winter season with SHU from Russia’s Saint Petersburg. And what a success! It does not matter that it hasn’t been very cold last winter cause the details are in the materials!

At SHU they understand that unexpected yet very predictive weather conditions are quite likely to happen in this part of Europe. Summer out here means overcast, heavy rain and burning sun all packed in one day! Lucky for us, SHU has provided us with perfect jackets for all types of weather.

SHU has three Transformer Jackets in the colors blue, black and green. It is made to convert from a raincoat to a bomber jacket and is made of 100% nylon. Through special technology it was made possible to create softer and lighter materials. The raincoat has two large pockets with magnets and the seams are fully taped. This makes the raincoat fully water resistant.

For the warmer days you would prefer a short coat, right? SHU brings you two options: the Short Raincoat and the Wide Jacket. The Short Raincoat has it all; it is a raincoat with fully taped seams to keep you dry but also has air vents in the sleeves for ventilation when it gets too hot. The Short Raincoat comes in the colors light gray and dark gray.

The Wide Jacket is an exception to the other two. Although it has the same water-resistant material, this jacket is more developed for those dry days where you’re not sure if it’s going to rain. That’s why the hood of the jacket is not visible and is tucked away in the collar, which is easily accessible through a zipper! The sleeves can be made wider by the velcro closure and on the inside of the jacket you can adjust the tightness around your waist. This beauty is available in the color dark gray.