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The “Dad Shoe”

Mom, you can still chill for a bit with your jeans. The era of dad is still up and running. This “dad shoe” trend has been around in our lives for quite a bit now (yes, in the present and even back in the days when your old man was low-key fashionable). And as far as we feel, no one is sick of it – yet. We do wondering how long this 90’s vibe will last. Anyway let’s appreciate its beauty as long as it’s here.

The “dad shoe”. What’s considered as a real “dad shoe”? They have quite a chunky silhouette. The shoes’ look is divisive, because they are rather different from the slim, elegant styles some are used to wear. They may look “ugly” – but are still very comfortable.

When we have a look at the “Urban Dictionary” and read what they explain the world; we highly agreed and definitely started to re-think this “dad shoe” trend or the usage of the word. Dad shoes got their name thanks to their retro appearance. Most look like they’ve come straight out of your father’s ’80s wardrobe: Think nondescript white shoes, paired with tube socks and Lee jeans. Also don’t forget to mention they are “out of style” or “only dads would wear them” – claiming they are comfortable. To be fair: the word “ugly” is in some cases of the “dad shoe” misplaced – they aren’t that terrible. However we do agree that the Balenciaga Triple S ticks off all aspects of “ugly” – but if we listen to UD – we don’t really accept this pair as a “dad shoe”. Don’t you think the Balenciaga Triple S fits the “The Chunky 90’s” vibes (read: Spice Girls)?

What we consider as a real “dad shoe” is definitely something your old man would wear. Saying this: “would your dad wear shoes with a sole this chunky he would look like a Spice Girl?” Nope. So we lined up some sneakers for you which jump the “ugly” gutter, are good looking and can be seen as a real “dad shoe”. Which one would you pick?

Women’s Outburst Summit White/Black
Although it says women’s, the style definitely fits the dad vibes. A bit chunky but still slick. Not too many layers covering the mesh upper. A foamy midsole gives the comfortable vibe.

Air Monarch IV White/Metallic Silver
The ultimate dad shoe started with hearing this name: the Monarch. It’s definitely no lie that older people love this particular model and thats said without any hesitation. Maybe you should follow @teammonarch and see how to style this pair

New Balance M9915LB Citadel White
Steve Jobs is definitely a source when you’re looking at the history of a legit “dad shoe” – wearing New Balance with a high neck long sleeve and denim jeans. Steve Jobs walked the stage wearing the 992 model but the M9915LB brings equal vibes.

Yung 1 Cloud White/Footwear White
An old model made its comeback as the new Yung-1 of Adidas. This model shows innovation and comfort in one.


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