• From € 10,- till € 250,-
  • Directly delivered as PDF via email
  • Or delivered as "credit" via post
The Sneaker District giftcard is the ideal present for every sneakerhead. You can choose the value of the giftcard yourself, with a minimum value of € 10,-. Choose to send the giftcard as a PDF or a package.

When you choose to send the giftcard as a PDF, you’ll receive the giftcard attached to an email. You can print or forward the giftcard.

There’s also the option to receive the giftcard as a package! This will contain a credit card sized card in a special gift box. The card works with a combination of the barcode and the pin number on the back and can be used online and in-store.

Please note: The package will be sent as a letterbox package, as a result delivery times may differ. We cannot ensure that the package will be delivered the next day.
Good to know: Giftcards can be used for multiple purchases as long as there\'s still credit on the giftcard.

It’s not possible to exchange a giftcard for cash.

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