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Hi-Tec sneakers

Hi-Tec sneakers

Hi-Tec sneakers made for the ambitious

Hi-Tec was founded in 1974 by Dutchman Frank van Wezel in Shoeburyness, England. Driven and inspired by his love of sports, he generated an ambition to develop shoes that would change the world of athletic footwear. This passion brought forth a new kind of squash shoe, this was now due to the numerous complaints he heard from people playing squash. With his solution thinking, he managed to turn this into an opportunity to create an innovative, lightweight and super comfortable shoe. Breaking grounds in the field of sports shoes was never far from the brand. For example, Hi-Tec is the producer of the world's first lightweight mountaineering shoe called the Sierra Sneaker. With unique designs, the brand has been making sure they stand out since it was founded. The beginning of the brand's design was with creating shoes for the mountains, but since their entry they have been working on different fronts to meet people's needs. Countless successes have followed through prominent positions they have been able to hold over the years. This includes becoming a sponsor of Wimbledon and when Nelson Mandela walked out of prison he wore sneakers from Hi-Tec to be exact the Hi-Tec ACE(court).

Marathon sneakers from Hi-Tec for everyday use

Hi-Tec has only recently become available at Sneaker District, but the brand has already earned its stripes in the sneaker industry! In fact, Hi-Tec has a variety of sneakers that satisfy different people. From innovative squash shoes like the groundbreaking first edition shoe release from the brand that ensured people had fewer complaints when playing their favorite sport. To lightweight hiking shoes like the Altitude IV that became a huge hit in the United States becoming the No. 1 mountaineering shoe in the country. To revolutionary running shoes like the Hi-Tec Silver Shadow that came out and created a shock effect for runners. This resulted during the release year of the Silver Shadow in 1981 that 23% of runners at the London Marathon wore the shoe. A marathon in which major brands such as Nike and Adidas also functioned. Today, they are still on to satisfy their customers with shoes like HTS Shadow RGS, HTS RGS Fizo etc. You can name it and Hi-Tec does have them in the assortment at Sneaker District.

Outdoor and fashion together with the Hi-Tec sneakers

Hi-Tec brings outdoor, fashion and sports together in sneakers. After all these years, the brand remains steadfast on the goal they want to achieve. To get the world outside. This is done through innovative technologies, city to mountain versatility and durable quality, HI-TEC sneakers delivers consumer comfort everywhere. The  Hi-Tec sneakers therefore come in many varieties: leather, suede, nubuck and often combined with mesh. Hi-Tec does everything with comfort in mind without sacrificing performance, looks and quality, and this is reflected in their Silver Shadow, Fizo and Badwater models, among others. This is done through technology called Ortholite. Ortholite ensures maximum comfort and that you keep going during the toughest conditions. with open cells is lightweight and breathable, allowing air to circulate under the foot, allowing excess heat and moisture to escape for cool comfort. The sole provides high retention of 95% of its cushioning compared to the 30% of normal EVA cushioning. The comfort and unique style contributes that you cannot miss these sneakers.