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Puma women sneakers

Women Sneakers Puma

Puma women sneakers

Puma is one of the largest sports brands in the world and founded in Germany. Its origins are due to two brothers; Rudolf and Adold Dassler as "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik." In 1919 they started making shoes, by 1924 the brand had its own factory. Within a few years the brand gained international fame, as several athletes wore the shoes and won medals at various Olympic Games, such as in the 1928 Amsterdam Summer Games and at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. 

After nearly 30 years of cooperation between the 2 brothers, the Dassler brothers went their separate ways. Rudolf moved and started his own company, and so "PUMA" was born on Oct. 1, 1948. Puma's first successful shoes were the ATOM; high, leather soccer shoes. This was followed by many successes; including, for example, the introduction of the FORMSTRIP trademark; the wavy line on the that is often found on the sides of Puma shoes. 

Comfort and style 

Puma women's sneakers all offer comfort and style. The Puma women's RS series, for example; a chunky sneaker with a thick sole that still looks stylish. The Puma Cali Dream has a more classic look, and soft pastel colors. Also fitting into this list is the Puma Slipstream; a sneaker with layered materials that give the model both a modern and retro look. 

The ultimate retro model is the Puma Suede Classic, featuring the famous FORMSTRIP on the side of the shoe. Finally, the Puma Mayze is a perfect women's model. The platform sole and leather or suede upper give the retro look a twist. 

The color palette of women's models at Puma is incredibly broad. Almost every model are available in black and white, but also, for example, in bright pink, red, yellow and green if you like to stand out more. 

Providing the best possible materials for your feet 

The materials Puma uses are used to give you as much comfort as possible. The soles of the sneakers are often made of synthetic materials, such as rubber, for optimal cushioning. The tops of the shoes are made of synthetic materials, leather, canvas or - often in retro models - suede. 

Women's sizes of Puma often range from size 36 to size 42.