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Karhu women sneakers

Women Sneakers Karhu

Karhu women sneakers

Karhu is a sneakers brand that has its origins in northern Europe. The meaning of Karhu is in Finnish bear. The company began not as Karhu but under another name. The product stock at the time was varied. The brand's success stems from the 1920s and 1952s when the dominant Paavo Nurmi won his victories at the Olympics in Karhu's fast running shoes, with three stripes as the logo at the time. Changing the trademark did not stop Karhu from making strides in the sneaker world. Today, the sneakers brand is highly sought after in Scandinavia and can increasingly be found on the streets.

Karhu women sneakers with countless possibilities

Karhu has several models that continue to make its comeback during the collections coming out for women since the brand's inception. With the shoes marked with the M-Symbol. That symbol refers to one of the models called ''Mestari,'' which means ''champion'' in Finnish. With numerous models in the Karhu range such as Aria 95, Fusion 2.0, Synchron Classic etc. These are always dropped in packs where a theme determines the colors of the Karhu women's sneakers. The sneakers are always made with high quality materials and Karhu is known for its special color combinations. The several technologies and finishes bring the distinction from all others, the cushioning in the sneakers make Karhu who they are.  Since 1970 with the Air Cushion in the mid-sole, they have been making their shoes comfortable with innovations done every time.

Time to experience women sneakers from Karhu

At Sneaker District, we offer Karhu women sneakers. We do recommend that you always take these sneakers one size bigger than you normally have. This is because Karhu women sneakers are very small compared to other brands. Almost all Karhu sneakers work with a release date which means that Karhu globally determines when a shoe will go on sale at all retailers. Release dates can always be found on the Sneaker District social media channels or on the product itself.