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New Balance women sneakers

Women Sneakers New Balance

New Balance women sneakers

New Balance Athletics, better known as New Balance or NB, is an American sportswear and footwear brand. The brand was founded in 1906, by William J. Riley. Riley in Boston, United States. The first name of New Balance was "the New Balance Arch Support Company." Riley started NB with the intention of making shoes that fit and sat better around the foot; orthopedic shoes. The first product William J. Riley developed was a flexible arch support sole. The sole had 3 points of support to provide more balance and comfort. The name New Balance probably comes from Riley admiring how the chickens in his garden had perfect balance due to the chickens' tripod. So this inspiration led to the name and the orthotic as the first product. Sales of the shoes were made by a traveling salesman. This personalized approach set the brand apart from its competitors. In 1938, NB launched their first running shoe. A few years after that, the company expanded their products and now sold specialized shoes for other sports, such as baseball, boxing and tennis. After 50 years, in 1956, Riley sold the company to his daughter and her husband. The marketing they used was mainly word of mouth and through local sports markets. The company consisted of six employees who made 30 pairs of shoes daily. The shoes were sold by orders through the mail, in cooperation with a few salesmen throughout the United States. In 1960, New Balance came out with the Trackster; the first running shoe that was available in multiple width sizes. On the day of the annual Boston Marathon in 1972, New Balance was purchased by current chairman Jim Davis. As a result, NB became the running shoe of choice in Boston in the 1970s. The brand expanded their productions with numerous new models and sales grew rapidly. Still, New Balance retained their original idea; being dedicated to customers' unique feet and preferences. It also introduced the model 320, their first shoe with the famous N logo on the side. The sneaker is proclaimed as the No. 1 running shoe on the market and New Balance's sales skyrocket. Soon after, NB also releases apparel, developing their innovative Gore-Tex running gear. In the following years, the brand releases numerous models and the price of the shoes gets higher and higher, for example, the 620 model was the first sneaker to sell for more than $50 in stores.

New Balance sneakers; something for everyone

New Balance uses a number and letter system for its models. M stands for "Men," W for "Women" and T is "Trail." Next come the numbers; "40," which stands for focus on control. In the "50" and "70" models, the shoes focus on stability and comfort. In the "90" and "00" ranges, the focus is on lightweight and speed. The brand also has "Made in USA" and "Made in UK" lines. Over the years, a lot of iconic New Balance women's sneakers have entered the market. Around the 2000s, the brand introduced the 99x series, featuring well-known women's sneakers such as the 990, 991 and 997. The NB "5" series also became a success, with the most famous women sneakers being the 574 and the 550. The 574 sneaker was originally developed as a technical running shoe. The 550s originally served as basketball shoes, but have recently been worn so much on a daily basis that they are now known more as lifestyle women sneakers.  Models quickly became a hit as everyday sneakers. Today, the 9060 and the 2002 (Protection Pack) models are much in evidence. And not to be missed among the collection of women's sneakers at Sneaker District.

The best technologies for your feet

New Balance uses various technologies to make the women sneakers, such as the lightweight and comfortable ABZORB and EVA soles. Sustainability in terms of materials is becoming increasingly important at New Balance. They apply this by using sustainable materials and processes.

New Balance women sneakers can be found at Sneaker District in all kinds of models. Size range of the women runs mainly from 35.5 to 42